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Tell us about a problem in our area

Report Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned Vehicles

✔ No Tax?

✔ No MOT?

✔ On public land?

Report abandoned vehicle

Report a Missed bin

Missed Bin

✔ Missed household waste collection?

✔ Missed recycling?

✔ Missed food waste collection?

Report a missed collection

Report full Litter/Dog Bins

Litter/Dog Bins

✔ Needs emptying?

✔ Damaged?

✔ Rubbish left next to it?

Report a litter/dog bin

Report full Recycling Banks

Recycling Banks

✔ Full recycling bank?

✔ Damaged?

✔ Dirty?

Report recycling bank

Tell us about a problem with Public Toilets

Public Toilets

✔ Damaged?

✔ Needs cleaning?

✔ Something else?

Report a public toilet

Report a problem with Litter


✔ Litter problem?

✔ Leaves?

✔ Debris?

Report litter/leaves

Report Fly Tipping

Fly Tipping

✔ Waste dumped in the countryside?

✔ Rubbish where it shouldn't be?

✔ Don't touch! We'll investigate.

Report fly tipping

Report a Lost Dog

Lost Dogs

✔ Dog gone missing?

✔ Let us know the details

✔ It may have been reported to us

Report a lost dog

Report a Stray Dog

Stray Dogs

✔ Found a stray dog?

✔ Tell us the details

✔ We'll try to find the owner

Report a stray dog

Report a problem with Dog Fouling

Dog Fouling

✔ Does somewhere need cleaning?

✔ Do you need signage?

✔ Should we patrol the area?

Report dog fouling

Report a dead animal

Dead Animals

✔ Dead animal on the road?

✔ Dead animal on the beach?

✔ We can remove it if it's on public land

Report a dead animal

Tell us about a Car Park Problem

Car Park Problem

✔ Broken machine?

✔ Vehicle problem?

✔ Pothole in the car park?

Report car park problem

Contact Planning Enforcement

Planning Enforcement

✔ Unauthorised development?

✔ Work to a listed building?

✔ Not complying with conditions?

Report a planning breach

Report housing disrepair

Housing Disrepair

✔ Problems with your rented home?

✔ Landlord not carrying out repairs?

✔ Report it to us here

Report Housing Disrepair

Tell us about a Nuisance, such as noise or smoke


✔ Noise

✔ Bonfires or smoke?

✔ Anti-social behaviour or bad odours?

Report a nuisance

Report Potholes to Devon County Council


✔ Spotted a pothole on the road?

✔ Report it to Devon County Council

✔ Tell us if it's in our car parks

Report a pothole

Report broken streetlights to Devon County Council


✔ Lighting problem?

✔ Report it to Devon County Council

✔ They can investigate

Report streetlight problem

Report flooded roads to Devon County Council

Flooded Roads

✔ Road flooded?

✔ Report it to Devon County Council

✔ They can investigate

Report a flooded road

 Find out about preventing flooding


✔ Problems with flood water?

✔ Check who is responsible

✔ Find out more here

Flooding Prevention

Report a problem on the highway

Highways Issue

✔ Spotted a problem on the road?

✔ Report it to Devon County Council

✔ They can investigate

Report a Highway Issue

Report overgrown vegetation to Devon County Council

Overgrown vegetation

✔ Pedestrians forced into road?

✔ Reduced visibility?

✔ Report it to Devon County Council

Overgrown Vegetation

For anything else, please contact customer services

Anything Else

For any other enquiries, please send our Customer Service team a message. They can help get your query to the right place.

Contact Customer Services

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