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Welcome to the South Hams!

Overnight parking for self contained (on board toilets) motorhomes is permitted for any period between 6 p.m. to 9 a.m. at the following car parks for a maximum of two consecutive nights with no return within 48 hours:

  • Longmarsh, Totnes
  • Leonards Road, Ivybridge
  • Poundwell Meadow Overflow, Modbury
  • Park and Ride, Dartmouth
  • Cattlemarket, Kingsbridge

The cost is £10 per night.

Where are the Car Parks?

The car parks are marked on the map below with purple stars. Please click on the map to open a larger version where you can zoom in and out.

Please note - overnight camping or sleeping is not permitted in any of our other Off Street Car Parks at any time.  To find alternative places you can camp or sleep overnight in your motorhome, please see Visit Devon.


To comply with fire regulations, motorhomes must ensure a minimum spacing of 6 metres is maintained between vehicles with no vehicle parked in-between.

On discovering a fire:

  1. Ensure the motorhome is evacuated
  2. Alert occupants of nearby vehicles
  3. Call the Fire Brigade by dialing 999 or 112

Code of Conduct

While enjoying your stay, we do ask that you respect our code of conduct

  • Leave no trace in respect of rubbish - take home & recycle
  • Pick up dog poo
  • Careful and respectful parking
  • Do not overcrowd a site - retain 6-metre distance
  • Actively support the local economy
  • Payment of all required charges
  • Be respectful to local residents

The car park is provided as parking only.  External activity is prohibited and this includes:

  • Putting out chairs, tables and other items of furniture including awnings
  • Discharge of waste/foul water
  • No open fires/BBQs/open cooking
  • No generators
  • No caravans or trailers allowed or vehicles that are not self contained
  • Vehicles must not cause an obstruction to any other vehicle
  • Maximum stay two consecutive nights.  No return within 48 hours

Daytime Parking

For motorhome parking during the day, parking is permitted in the following car parks during the day:

  • Longmarsh, Totnes
  • Leonards Road, Ivybridge
  • Poundwell Meadow Overflow, Modbury
  • Park and Ride, Dartmouth
  • Cattlemarket, Kingsbridge

One ticket per bay must be purchased - so if the vehicle takes up two bays, then the driver must purchase two pay and display tickets and clearly display both of them in the windscreen of the vehicle.

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