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Grey Bin Collections

The grey bin is for all the items that you can't recycle. This is a fortnightly collection, on the alternate week to your brown bin.

General household waste that can't be recycled or composted should go in your grey bin.

Kitchen bin liners or black sacks can be placed in your grey bin. We will only collect waste that is inside your bin with the lid closed. Please do not leave bags next to your bin.

The bin remains the property of the Council and should not be removed from your home. It is the resident's responsibility to clean the bin while it's in use.

Where properties are not suitable for wheelie bins, seagull-proof sacks are provided.

What can't I put in my grey bin?

  • Any recycling, food waste or garden waste. These should go in your recycling containers, food caddy and brown bin.
  • Batteries of any type. Household batteries can be placed in your recycling box.
  • Electrical items - please take these to your local recycling centre
  • Non-household or commercial waste
  • DIY waste, such as paint, plasterboard, rubble, timber and tiles. These items should be taken to your nearest recycling centre.

Putting your bin out

Your bin needs to be out at your collection point by 7 a.m. on the morning of collection.

Can I get help to put out my bin?

Yes. If you are physically unable to put your grey bin out for collection, we can arrange an assisted collection. There is no charge for this service.

My bin is missing or damaged

If you need a new bin, or it is damaged and needs repair, please report it to us using the button below.

Report a damaged or missing bin

I need an additional grey bin.

We usually only supply one grey bin for each household. 

There are some exceptions to this, for example:

  • If there are more than four adults in the household
  • If there are two or more children in the household who are still in nappies
  • If someone in the household produces low grade clinical waste (for example incontinence pads, non-infectious swabs and dressings).

If your household falls into one of these categories, please use the button below to request an additional grey bin.

Request an additional grey bin

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