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Form of Tender

For a Licence from South Hams District Council

Licence Period - 26 March 2023 to 19 March 2026 Inclusive

(Subject to Licensor's option to break)


The Assets Manager
South Hams District Council
Follaton House
Plymouth Road

I/We having read the invitation to Tender and the attached Licence with its various conditions relating to the sale of ice-cream and light refreshments from the above site hereby offer to enter into the attached Licence for the sum of £XX for each year of the Licence Period.

In addition to the Licence fee specified above, I/We acknowledge that the occupation of the above site by way of Licence will be subject to payment of Uniform Business Rates.  At the date of printing South Hams District Council understands the Rateable Value for the ice cream pitch to be in the region of £700.

I/We acknowledge that the attached Licence cannot be varied in any way.  If my/our Tender is accepted I/We agree to sign a Licence comprising exactly the same terms as the one attached before 25 March 2023 and at the same time to pay the sum tendered above together with the sum of £500 in respect of the Council's legal and administrative fees. 

I/We understand that failure to return the signed papers and cheque by the required date will mean that I/We cannot trade from the site from 26 March 2023 and that the Council reserves the right to cancel the Licence and accept the Tender of another bidder, in which case I/We will be liable to pay the Legal Fee and Licence fee for the period while re-tendering takes place.

I/We fully understand that the Council is not responsible for any costs incurred by Me/Us in the process of tendering and further understand that the Council does not undertake to accept the highest or any Tender for the Licence above.

Dated this DATE day of MONTH 2023






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