You need a licence if you breed dogs for sale as a business.

You need a licence for any establishment that is in the business of breeding and selling dogs. Additionally anyone producing five or more litters from their dogs in a 12 month period must obtain a licence regardless of whether they are in the business of breeding and selling dogs.


You can apply for a new licence or a renewal by completing an application form and sending it us along with the correct fee.

Apply for, change or renew a licence here

The duration of the licence is for 1 year, all Dog Breeding Establishment licences expire on 31st December each year, regardless of the date of issue (this is a requirement of the legislation and we cannot alter it).

To process your application we carry out an inspection of the premises where the dogs are kept (we may require a vet to inspect and issue a report).

Conditions form part of the licence, these relate to issues including record keeping accommodation, management, disease prevention and control


For fees please see the Licensing Fees pages.

If a vet inspection is required, you will be charged the actual cost of the Vet inspection fee.

Complaints about a Dog Breeding Establishment.

To make a complaint about a Dog Breeding Establishment in the area please email