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Implementation of Procedures Policy

South Hams District and West Devon Borough Councils (jointly managed) take their legal responsibilities very seriously and require that officers and staff are aware of their legal obligations in running a successful and legally compliant Lottery. As a local lottery licence issuer and regulator we are well versed in the needs and requirements under such a licence.

2. New Starters

2.1. All new starters will be given training as part of the induction process. The level and depth is dependent on role but covers:

2.1.1. The Gambling Act 2005

2.1.2. LCCP

2.1.3. CAP and BCAP

2.1.4. Data Protection

2.1.5. Plus the process for highlighting any evidence of non-compliance

3. Existing Staff

3.1. All officers connected to the lottery are aware of their legal responsibilities and compliance is a regular agenda item at review meetings.

3.2. Annual refresher courses for staff will be run to maintain knowledge and compliance.

3.3. Ad-hoc on the job training forms part of the development of staff and focus areas for development are identified during the annual appraisal process and regular review process.

4. Umbrella Good Causes

4.1. As part of our lottery scheme we will be enabling good causes to join under the South Hams and West Devon District Lottery itself.

4.2. All organisations will be provided with a fact sheet summarising their responsibilities covering the same items as set out in 2 above.

4.3. Annual training events will be run for the good causes addressing the same issues as set out in item 3 above.

5. Training records

Training records will be kept as part of the personnel record of individuals and a register of key training delivered and renewal dates kept.

6. Training Delivery

Training will be delivered in conjunction with our ELM Gatherwell Ltd.

Gambling commission questions relating to this policy

Implementing your policies and procedures.

  • What training will you provide to your members of staff?
  • How will training be delivered, updated and evaluated?
  • Will you keep a record of all training provided?
  • How will you ensure any training provided is in line with the LCCP

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