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District Council Supports Communities and Businesses to Reduce Carbon Footprint

17 January 2022

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South Hams District Council has created online information pages to support local communities and businesses to help reduce their carbon footprints and to improve biodiversity across the District.

This is part of the District Council's ongoing commitment to reduce the District's carbon emissions to net zero by 2050 at the latest.

The Council want to create an environment where people and nature thrive together, and to do this everyone needs to work towards the same goal of reducing their carbon footprint.

As part of their existing Climate Change and Biodiversity website, there are now new pages with a range of helpful advice information. Including what exactly a carbon footprint is, along with an easy-to-use calculator for both individuals and whole communities. Partners offer information on how to save money on home, shopping and energy bills. The website is also now home to a brand new net zero guide for Town and Parish Councils. 

There are many helpful tips including how to stay warm and to shop locally. There are also various providers detailed who offer free and fair energy advice, offering home visits, or calls, to help residents reduce energy bills and to keep homes warm. This could be installing draught-proofing, energy saving bulbs, a better energy tariff or many other cost-saving benefits. There is also information specifically for businesses with a free business guide to cut energy, and resources on how to make travel more sustainable through active travel or lift sharing.

It is always important to remember that shopping local not only reduces the District's carbon footprint, but crucially supports the local economy, particularly during these tough Covid times. Therefore, a link to the South West Food Hub and Totnes Market is helpful to show where residents can access locally sourced, good quality food from the local area. 

Let us not forget top tips on how to improve biodiversity with wildlife tips from the Wildlife Trust's website for inspiration on what can be carried out simply to increase nature in everyone's life as well as sources for funding for tree planting. There really is something there for everyone!

South Hams District Council's, Cllr Tom Holway, Executive Member for Climate Change and Biodiversity, said: "We want to support our District to become carbon neutral as soon as we possibly can. By working together, we can make a difference, so this new information is a way to help individuals, businesses and communities access the crucial information they need to make changes. Changes to the way they live and work, while saving money and the planet too. 

"We know that if CO2 emissions continue the way they're going, our weather will get more extreme by the end of the century. So let's all play our part now."

Details of the Council's three current funding opportunities are also on the website that will help the District become carbon neutral and improve its biodiversity.

To find out more about how to do your bit for Climate Change and get tips on how to reduce your energy bills, go to, Advice and Help, at:

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