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Business Rates - Data for FOI Requests

The Council receives many requests for information relating to Business Rates accounts, through the Freedom of Information Act. We have provided data below which relates to the most common FOIs we receive.

The Council is required to provide this information where the Business Ratepayer is a Company, Charity, Government body etc. However, where the Business Ratepayer is an individual, the Council is not required to provide the information.

The Council will publish the most commonly requested information half yearly - on or around the 1 March and then update this information on or around 1 September.

Government guidelines require us to provide this information in a commonly accessible format, so we provide it in CSV format compressed in ZIP files. This is to enable fast download and ease of merging different pieces of data.  The BA Reference number for each property is shown on all reports.

List of all property and Rateable Values

More up to date data, and more in depth data can be obtained from the Valuation Office Agency website at: Find and check your business rates.

The South Hams Property List is the most recent from the Council's records and can be found in the downloads section on the right. 

Business Ratepayer a company

The list 'South Hams Companies Liable' on the right-hand side shows details of the ratepayer, date of start of liability and contact details as at the above date. The list is the most recent from the Council's records.

Exemption and Reliefs

The 'South Hams Exemptions' and the 'South Hams Reliefs' lists on the right, shows details of the ratepayer, and any reliefs or exemptions that they were in receipt of on the above date.  The spreadsheet shows all reliefs and exemptions for both occupied and unoccupied property. The list is the most recent from the Council's records.

Credits (including credits written on)

The 'South Hams Credits' and 'South Hams Written on Credits' lists on the right show details of the ratepayer, and any credit on their account (this would include any credit written on where the ratepayer has not been contactable to refund). The list is the most recent from the Council's records. 

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