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I have received a Court Summons

If you have received a Court Summons, pay the full amount shown before the court date and you will not incur additional costs. No further recovery action will be taken against you either.

Why have I received a Court Summons?

You have not paid in accordance with the previous Reminder or Final Notice issued to you. 

Make a Payment

I am unable to pay

If you are unable to pay, contact us immediately to see how we can help.

Contact the Business Rates Team

You have now lost your right to pay by instalments and have incurred additional costs, but we may consider making an arrangement with you to clear the summonsed debt.

Even if we make an arrangement with you, we will still go to court to obtain a liability order. This gives the Council additional powers to collect the debt if you fall into arrears again in this financial year.

What if I do nothing?

Failure to do act now will result in your debt being passed to the Council's enforcement agents to collect the outstanding Business Rates. This will  incur additional fees being added to your debt, which can mount up quickly and may ultimately result in the removal of goods from your premises.

If you think you may be entitled to some sort of relief, please check our Reducing Your Business Rates page.

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