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Food Safety Checklist

This handy checklist will help you if you're setting up a new food business.


  1. Have you checked whether Planning Permission is required?
  2. If catering from home, have you confirmed that using part of your home for a business does or does not require payment of Business Rates?
  3. Have you registered as self-employed or do you need to register for VAT with HMRC?
  4. If catering from home, have you informed your home insurance provider to ensure you are covered for business use? Have you arranged public liability insurance? You should consult your legal adviser or insurance company for advice.

Register my Business

Register a Food Business

Alcohol and Entertainment Licensing


  1. Floors, walls, ceilings, windows, surfaces are in good condition, smooth and easy to clean.
  2. Sufficient work top space.
  3. Hand Wash basin with hot and cold water, soap and towel.
  4. Separate sink large enough to wash equipment with hot and cold water.
  5. Separate sink for washing food
  6. Adequate facilities for storing and disposing of waste.
  7. Adequate ventilation (are windows fitted with fly screens)
  8. Adequate Pest Proofing
  9. Adequate ventilated WC provision (not opening directly into food room; see further information below)
  10. Equipment easily cleanable
  11. I have a current Electrical Certificate
  12. I have a current Gas Safety Certificate


  1. Food Hygiene Training of all Food Handlers
  2. Provision of staff changing area and staff over clothing.
  3. Written Food Safety Management System
  4. Documentation completed on the food safety controls e.g. Safer Food Better Business
  5. Monitoring Record sheets, training records, supplier records provided and completed.
  6. I understand my responsibilities for Food Allergens 

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