The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak may result in significant staff shortages in our recycling and waste collection crews.

This means we may have to restrict the number and type of collections we are able to make each day.

Your collections may not be made by your normal vehicle nor at the usual time so, as always, we advise that waste is put out by 7.00 a.m.

The materials we collect are valuable resources and we will continue to recycle and process all the materials we collect during the outbreak as we do normally.

We will continue to make collections on your normal scheduled days so you can still check your collection days on your calendar or on the website as you do now.

We will be updating the table below with any service suspensions or changes:

Recycling and Waste Service Status

  • Refuse (seagull sacks and grey bins) - collections as usual
  • Clinical (yellow sacks) - collections as usual
  • Clinical (sharps) - collections as usual
  • Dry Recycling (sacks) - collections as usual
  • Food and Garden Waste (brown bin) - collections as usual
  • Litter and Dog Bins - collections as usual
  • Container Deliveries - deliveries as usual
  • Bulky Waste Collections - Suspended from 24 March until further notice
  • Recycling Centres - Devon County Council have reopened recycling centres for 'essential waste. please see Devon County Council - Recycling and waste for more information.

What if my household is affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19)?

If your household is affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) any waste materials that you come in contact with need to be handled carefully before they are collected. This will help to prevent further spread of the virus.

Please follow the advice below:

  • All contaminated items you produce, including tissues, cleaning cloths and wipes and masks, need to be put into a plastic bag. Tie the top of the bag to prevent escape of the material.
  • Put the bag inside another bin liner and tie the top of the bag. Place the double bagged waste in your black bin or seagull sack.
  • Put your bin or sack out as usual for safe collection by our crew. Please use your usual collection point.
  • If you have an assisted collection, bag the waste as described above, and put it out in your usual assisted collection point.

If you are self-isolating, or if anyone in your household is displaying symptoms, please ensure that you keep your bagged waste for a period of 72 hours in a place that cannot be accessed by other people or pets.

How should I dispose of PPE (disposable gloves and face masks/coverings)?

Please throw away any used PPE in residual grey bin waste at home or at work, or a litter bin if you're outside.

Do not put used PPE in your recycling - these items cannot be recycled through conventional recycling facilities.

Where possible, chose reusable PPE. You can make face coverings at home, using scarves or other textile items. Read the guidance on how to wear and make a cloth face covering here.

Cloth face coverings should be washed in line with manufacturer's instructions. When you are ready to dispose of your home made face coverings, please place them in your grey bin.

How will you decide what collections you make?

Our operations team will decide how many collections we can make on a daily basis depending on how many staff we have available to work.

  • We will give priority to residual (black bin) waste, clinical waste and litter and dog bin collections for public hygiene reasons. We will only suspend these collections as a last resort.
  • Our second priority will be to make as many dry recycling (blue and clear sacks) and garden waste collections (brown bin) as we can each day depending upon staffing levels.
  • We will make as many bulky household item collections and make as many new container deliveries as staffing allows. However, these will be given a lower priority.

Recycling Banks 

Glass, paper and can banks are all being emptied as normal.

Salvation Army Clothes and Shoe banks are not being serviced until further notice. Please keep hold of items for these banks until further notice.

Majority of our recycling banks are being emptied as normal and are fully serviceable.

There are a few sites obstructed by barriers (as part of the coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance) in some supermarkets and our beach car parks are closed, so we are unable to empty these recycling banks at this time. Please refrain from using these banks in these locations and keep your recycling at home until the recycling banks/household recycling centres re-open.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.