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Council Tax Reduction Appeals

If you think the decision we have made about your Council Tax Reduction is wrong you have a number of options.

You must contact us in writing within one month of receiving your Council Tax Bill.

What are my options?

If you do not agree with the decision that we have made about your claim for Council Tax Reduction you have two options:

  • Ask us to explain the decision
  • Request a reversal of our decision

Can I appeal?

You can appeal if

  • you should be entitled to council tax discount under the local council tax discount scheme
  • the amount of council tax discount to which you are entitled to is wrong

You can find out about our Council Tax Reduction scheme here.

The Council will then look at your claim and tell you the outcome of the reconsideration, outlining the reasons.

What must I do?

  • Your appeal or request for a reversal must be in writing. You must tell us why you think our decision is wrong and provide any supporting evidence.
  • This must be done within one month of receiving your Council Tax bill.
  • If we do not get your request in writing within one month, then we may not be able to look at our decision again.

What Can the Council Look at?

What Can We Review

What Can't We Review

The amount of income and capital used in our calculationsThe administration of the Council Tax Reduction Scheme
Refusal to backdate your claim
The reduced entitlement to Council Tax Reduction (the amount and time period)


What if I still disagree?

If the decision is not changed in your favor and you still think the decision is wrong, you have the right to appeal to the Valuation Tribunal for England.

This must be within 2 months of the date of the reconsideration. You can contact them on their website at or telephone 0300 123 2035.

You can only appeal against a Council tax reduction decision, not the scheme itself.

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