Apply for Housing Benefit
Apply for Planning Permission
If you need a new or additional container you can order one here.
If you are on a low income, you may be able to apply for Council Tax Reduction.
Apply for a Bulky Waste Collection
If you are the only adult in your property you can apply for a Single Person Discount on your Council Tax.
Apply for a Discount on your Council Tax if a resident at your property is disabled.
If you are a full time student you can apply for a discount on your council tax. If all the adults in your property are students, there is no charge.
If you are caring for another adult in the property other than your spouse or partner, you can apply for a Discount on your Council Tax.
Persons with enduring mental health problems, including dementia and Parkinson's disease, are exempt from Council Tax.
Find out about and apply for our Trade Waste Service here.
Apply for an Assisted Collection
Find out about the benefits of our pre application service and how to apply.
Apply for a Licence
If you have moved, you can let us know here.
Apply for a Parking Permit
Appeal a parking ticket you have received in one of our car parks.
If you would like to name or number a new build property, you can apply here.
Developers who wish to name and number a new street can do so here.
Add a name to your property or change an existing name here.
You can request a Tree Preservation Order for trees which have significant amenity value.
You can apply for discretionary housing payments or to the exceptional hardship fund here.
Request a sharps collection.
The National Bus Pass entitles the pass holder to free off peak travel on local buses anywhere in England. They are issued by Devon County Council.