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Devon Building Control Partnership

The Devon Building Control Partnership (DBCP) is made up of Councillors from South Hams District, West Devon Borough and Teignbridge District Councils.

Two Councillors from each Authority make up the Partnership.

DBCP is administered by Teignbridge District Council and meetings are held twice a year at Teignbridge District Council offices, Forde House, Newton Abbot.

The main responsibilities of the Partnership are as follows:

  • Agree the appointment of the Head of the Partnership
  • Agree budgets, monitor performance, approve the Statement of Accounts and agree any distribution of surplus or deficit monies in the Trading Account.
  • Monitor the development and business plans of the Partnership
  • Agree the Partnership's (Action) Improvement Plan
  • Monitor service delivery, value for money and performance of the Partnership
  • Monitor the service delivery and cost-effectiveness of the Host Council.

The minutes and agendas for the Building Control Partnership are available on the Teignbridge District Council website. Please use this link.

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