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Licensing Committee and Sub Committee

The Licensing Committee consists of twelve District Councillors, appointed annually by Full Council.

The Committee meets at least once a year, but can meet more regularly if required.

A full list of the scheduled meetings can be found online here. You can also find reports and minutes from previous meetings.

Licensing Committee Pages

The full list of functions and procedure rules for Licensing Committee can be found in Part 3b of the Constitution Delegation Scheme (see Our Constitution). The main responsibility is to oversee the Councils' licensing functions. They determine whether to grant or refuse licences for alcohol, premises, Hackney Carriage Drivers, street trading and zoo licences, among others.

Members of the public can speak to support or object to a licence application. For details, please see Public Participation at Development Management Committee.

Licensing Sub Committee

Meetings of the Licensing Sub Committee consist of any three members from the full Licensing Committee. They are arranged on an ad-hoc basis, as and when they are required to determine Licences for alcohol, entertainment, gambling and a whole host of other areas.

Licensing Sub Committee Pages.

You can also find the reports and minutes of previous meetings on these pages.

Who are the District Councillors on the Licensing Committee?

The current members of the Licensing Committee are:

Substitute Members

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