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Affordable Housing FOIs

1. How many homes for affordable rent (not including social rent) which have received all necessary approvals and with financing in place will be started in each of the next three years in South Hams District Council?

This includes those being built directly or by Housing Associations.


  • 2018/19 - 116
  • 2019/20 - 53
  • 2020/21 - Unknown

2. Please supply affordable housing figures (numbers and percentage) as a proportion of all houses both granted consent and actually completed up to 2015/16.

YearNo. of
Affordable homes
Affordable homes
2009 to
2010 to
2011 to
2012 to
2013 to
2014 to
2015 to


3. Please supply the number of Affordable Homes completed in the South Hams since 2013?



4. How many social homes by Housing Associations have been built in the South Hams each year since 2009/10?



5. How many social and affordable homes are currently in the pipeline, with planning permission and financing in place?

Answer: As of March 2018, 222.

6. Please supply the percentage of affordable housing required for housing developments of 10 dwellings or more or that are greater than 0.5 hectares in area. If more than one level is set in planning policies - for example varying by location in the district or size of development - the maximum, minimum and district average percentages.

Answer: Policy DEV8 in the emerging Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan, states All residential developments of 11 dwellings or more will provide 30% affordable housing on site.

7. The average percentage of affordable housing agreed on approval of planning applications for housing developments of 10 dwellings or more or that are greater than 0.5 hectares in the council's area for each of 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Answer: The authority is unable to give precise figures year on year as not all of the permissions have been implemented.  However, the policy at the time was that 50% was expected on applications of 10 dwellings or more. The authority was actually receiving a minimum of 18% and a maximum of 90% depending on the other infrastructure contributions.  Many applications were subject to a viability assessment which resulted in less than policy compliant schemes.  In some cases an off site financial contribution was accepted.

8. In your local plan, what percentage do you set for affordable homes on a development site and when would this quota be used (e.g. 35 % of the total homes built to be affordable where the development is greater than 30 homes).

Answer: Policy DEV8 of the emerging Plymouth and South West Devon Joint Local Plan states, "Within the Main Towns, outside of areas with special designations, a minimum of 30% on-site affordable housing will be sought for all schemes of 11 or more dwellings."

9. Does your local plan give advice or specify where affordable homes should be located on a development site ( e.g. affordable homes should be distributed throughout the site )? If so, please provide this advice or specification. If Yes, what is the advice or Specification:

Answer: Yes. The layout should ensure the effective management of the affordable units but also ensure the affordable elements are truly integrated into the development. They should not be segregated from the market element. Maximum groupings of affordable housing will be determined on a site by site basis to ensure integration but will usually be in groupings of 8-12 units.

10. How many planning applications in the last 12 months have been referred to the valuation office because the developer has specified the site is not viable to build any affordable homes or a reduced number of affordable homes from the quota requested in your local plan.

Answer: 5

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