Dittisham parking permits are exclusive to residents of the Dittisham Parish only.

The permits are designed to enable Dittisham residents the option to park in local car parks at a concessionary rate.

What is a Dittisham parking permit?

There are three Dittisham parking permits.

You can apply for a maximum of two permits per household and only one vehicle can be registered per permit.

The permits are as follows:Once you have applied for the first permit (Dittisham Residents Permit) and the application has been accepted, you may apply for a second permit either 1. Dittisham The Ham or 2. Dittisham The Ham and The Level(charge applies), but not both.

  • Dittisham Residents Permit. This allows you to park in The Level and The Ham car park. This is free.
  • Dittisham The Ham. This allows you to park in The Ham car park. This is free.
  • Dittisham The Ham and The Level. This allows you to park in Dittisham The Ham and The Level car park. This costs £100.00.

Apply for a Dittisham parking permit

  • If you would like to apply for a Dittisham Parking Permit, you can do this here