As we share services between South Hams and West Devon, the following information is for both authorities as a unit.

1. Contract Type: Maintenance, Managed, Shared (If so please state orgs)

2. Existing Supplier: If there is more than one supplier please split each contract up individually

3. Annual Average Spend: The annual average spend for this contract and please provide the average spend over the past 3 years for each provider
NexusOS - £11,500
Netcall - £8032

4. Number of telephone Users:
Approximately 450

5. Hardware Brand: The primary hardware brand of the organisation's telephone system.
Skype for Business 2015

6. Application(s) running on PBX/VOIP systems; Applications that run on the actual PBX or VOIP system e.g. Contact Centre, Communication Manager.
Skype for Business 2015
Netcall Liberty

7. Telephone System Type: PBX, VOIP, Lync etc
Skype for Business 2015 with a Gamma SIP connection

8. Contract Duration: please include any extension periods.
3 years
1 year do UC support (NexusOS)

9. Contract Expiry Date: Please provide me with the day/month/year.
Gamma - July 2020
Netcall - May 2020
NexusOS - Sep 2019

10. Contract Review Date: Please provide me with the day/month/year.
Jan 2020 for Gamma/Netcall
Aug 2019 for NexusOS

11. Contract Description: Please provide me with a brief description of the overall service provided under this contract.
Gamma - SIP telephony connection
Netcall - Liberty platform hardware and software support
NexusOS - Skype platform UC support and monitoring

12. Go to Market: How were these services procured (please provide me with either the tender notice or
the framework reference number).  Please specify if procured through other routes.

3 quotes through supplier chain

13. Contact Detail: Of the person from with the organisation responsible for each contract full Contact details including full name, job title, direct contact number and direct email address.
Shane Carpenter, ICT Senior Specialist, 01803 861200,