If you have suffered a flood you will know how distressing it can be. This section includes information on how to prevent flooding, and where you can get more advice.

Where can I get sandbags from?

Sand and sandbags can be purchased from your local Builders Merchant, DIY store or Garden Centre.

The council holds a small supply of sand bags and householders can usually collect up to six of these from our depot at Totnes. This may be restricted during periods of high demand, extreme weather or flooding.

We do not supply sandbags to businesses. If you are a business, or if you have not been able to obtain them from our depot, sandbags can be purchased from most Builder's Merchants.

The Environment Agency have produced a guide on how to use sandbags effectively, which you can download Icon for pdf here [390.03KB].

What do the council do to investigate and prevent floods?

Following a flooding incident where a number of properties and businesses are affected, the council will work with the Environment Agency and Devon County Council to investigate the cause of the flooding.

The Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) for our area is Devon County Council. They will use this information to produce flood incident reports which feed into the flood risk management strategy. 

For more information about the LLFA and their work, please visit their website.

How can I prevent flooding happening again?

If you have already experienced flooding, or you believe you may be at risk, there are steps you can take to protect your property.

The Association of British Insurers have produced a guide to Resistant and Resilient Repair after a flood, which you can download Icon for pdf here [101KB].

The Know Your Flood Risk Campaign have also produced a document for homeowners, which describes a number of flood protection measures. You can download this document Icon for pdf here [2.72MB].