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Leisure Centres

There are four Leisure Centres in South Hams that provide a wide range of sport facilities for residents and visitors.

The leisure centres in the South Hams are operated by Fusion Lifestyle.

The centres are operated by Fusion Lifestyle. Full details of facilities, opening hours and charges can be found by clicking the links below.  

Kingsbridge Quayside Leisure Centre

Dartmouth Leisure Centre 

Ivybridge Leisure Centre 

Totnes Leisure Centre  

The swimming facilities at Dartmouth Leisure Centre are provided in partnership with Dartmouth Indoor Pool Trust.

The facilities at Totnes Pavilion Leisure Centre are provided in partnership with Tadpool.

From 2019, all Fusion Lifestyle leisure centres in Devon will be going cashless. This means there will be no cash held at tills throughout the buildings.

Why are the centres going cashless?

  • to ensure a much safer system for both adults and children using the centres and follows most schools' lunch payment system by using pre-paid methods.  
  • to encourage faster entry into the centres with less queuing time;
  • to reduce cash management handling costs
  • to move to a system in line with the way modern society is moving. 

It's also much safer for the centre staff, since payments are quicker and ensure a higher level of security, meaning there is a lower risk of crime.

Feedback from parents using Fusion's other cashless centres is that they prefer the security of children not carrying cash, and are safe in the knowledge that money is being spent as intended.

For centre users, there are multiple ways to pay:

  • They can book online before visiting or preload a 'Rewards card' with money.  These are free to get from the centres and can be used by adults and children alike. 
  • Users can use credit or debit cards - or Apple Pay. 

There is a comprehensive promotion plan in place to ensure that all of the users, both regular and occasional, are aware of the changes:

  • An email informing leisure centre members of the changes has been sent this week and a reminder will be sent on Tuesday 24 September. 
  • Social media
  • Website and PR
  • Onsite campaign (leaflets and posters) to support

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What if I'm not a member and don't have a Rewards card?

    • A: Pay at site with credit or debit card or by pre-paid MasterCard (available at Post Offices)

  • Q: What if I want my children to attend without me and they don't have their own payment card?

    • A: They can either have their own Rewards card that you can top up, or they can use your Rewards card.

  • Q: What if I'm booked in and a friend wants to join me?

    • A: Your friend can make their own cashless payment or you can put additional sessions on your Rewards card.

  • Q: What if I want change for lockers/car park?

    • A: There will be no cash available at reception, so please bring £1 for your locker and enough change for the car park.
  • Q: Does this include the café?

    • A: Yes, it does, but the Rewards card can also be used to buy food and drink. Every time a Rewards card is used, points are collected which can later be used towards leisure activities. There will be no cash held in the café tills.

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