We can offer health and safety advice to you and your business. We inspect business premises and investigate accidents or complaints.


What is our role in Health & Safety at Work?

Health & Safety enforcement is split between the Local Authority (LA) and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE).
The HSE is responsible for:

The Local Authority deals mainly with commercial and retail premises.

What are we responsible for?

We are responsible for enforcing the regulations set out in Health & Safety Law. This helps protect the health, safety and well-being of business employees or members of the public.
Our responsibilities are:

  • Health and safety inspections 

  • Providing advice and support to prevent accidents in the workplace 

  • Investigating complaints 

  • Taking enforcement action if necessary and appropriate.

    Our aim is to help businesses to avoid significant risks by providing advice and guidance.

What happens during an inspection?

We check standards of health, safety and welfare in your business and give advice, guidance and information on how to prevent people being made ill or injured at work 

Sometimes we may have to take enforcement action to require improvements, including the service of notices and prosecution where appropriate 

HSE - What to expect when a health and safety inspector calls


Where can I find some basic information to help me comply with the law?

The HSE site provides basic information on what you need to do in one place. It will help you get started in managing Health and Safety in your business.


What if I'm worried about health and safety in the workplace?

  • If you consider that your employer or someone else's work activity is putting your safety at risk or damaging your health, speak to your employer and/or contact your work safety representative 

  • If the problem is not resolved, speak to the relevant enforcing authority 

  • To check who is responsible for Enforcement in your workplace


You can report to the HSE by

HSE - Reporting a workplace health and safety problem

Contact us if you think we are the enforcing authority, we may ask the employer to investigate your complaint or we may investigate ourselves.