It is important to make the council's consultation process effective as possible.

That is why local authorities are required to publish updated forward plans on the website on a monthly basis. This is known as the Executive Leader's Forward Plan and it provides dates for future matters to be considered by the Executive.

This is the Leader of the Council's provisional Icon for pdf Forward plan [647.76KB] for the next four months.

Please note, it may be necessary for some items to be rescheduled and other items to be added.

As well as enabling effective dialogue between the Executive, all councillors, council officers, the public and other stakeholders, the Forward Plan also helps the Council's Overview and Scrutiny Panel in planning its contribution to policy development and holding the Executive to account.

Remember, you can play a part in this process too.

Members of the public are welcome to attend all meetings of the Executive, which are usually held at Follaton House, Totnes and normally start at 10.00 a.m.

If advance notice has been given, questions can be put to the Executive at the beginning of the meeting.

The Executive consists of the following six councillors and each has a responsibility for a particular area of the Council's work:

For information on the workings of the Executive, including latest information on agenda items, please contact Democratic Sevices by emailing

To view minutes and agendas for the Executive, please use this link.