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Site Inspection Group

During a meeting of the Development Management Committee, a majority of Members can vote to visit an application site before a decision to approve or refuse the application is made at the next scheduled meeting.

The purpose of the site visit is to enable Members to view an application in the local context.

In addition to the Council's officers and its advisors (e.g. County Engineer), those who are entitled to attend and take part are:

  • The Chairman and/or Vice Chairman of the Development Management Committee*
  • District Councillors*
  • The Member(s) representing the Ward in which the site is located
  • A representative of the Town or Parish Council within whose area the site is located.
  • Neither the applicant/agent nor any third party may participate in the site meeting, however, they are able to attend and listen to the proceedings.

Read the Site Inspection Protocol for more information.

*Persons above constitute the Site Inspection Group 

Major Applications

From September 2013 all major applications to be determined by the Development Management Committee are now the subject of a Full Committee site inspection.  These site applications are fact-finding visits and a recommendation back to the Development Management Committee does not tend to be made. However, the application is presented in full at the next Development Management Committee for discussion and debate, following which a decision will be made.

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