Information about the protection of trees in conservation areas.

Tree work in Conservation Areas

Within Conservation Areas, if you wish to do works on a tree with a stem diameter in excess of 75mm (roughly the size of a standard  tin can) at 1.5 metres from the ground, or you wish to carry out felling to improve the growth of other trees, (for example thinning operations) and the tree you wish to work on about has a diameter in excess of of 100mm at 1.5 metres from the ground, you must give the Council six weeks prior notice. Once notice is served the council can either allow the works to commence after the six week period, or serve Tree Preservation Orders to prevent the works and protect the tree.

Which trees are protected in Conservation Areas

Please use the Interactive Mapping to find out if your tree or the tree you are interested in is within a Conservation Area.

Applying to work on a tree in a Conservation Area

If you wish to make an application to work on, or fell a tree with in a Conservation Area, please visit the Planning Portal to submit an application.

How do I find a suitable tree surgeon?

Further information on approved contractors can be found in the Directory of tree surgeons.