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Town Centre, Peripheral and Rural Parking Permits

Parking permits can offer you huge savings, as well as being very convenient.

Having a permit means you do not have to visit our pay and display machines or carry change with you. Our permits are now virtual, so there is no paper permit to display in your vehicle.

Permits are issued in specific towns and villages.

  • Town centre permits are valid in specific town centre car parks.
  • Peripheral permits are valid in car parks within the outskirts of a specific town.
  • Rural permits are valid in particular car parks in rural locations.

About our Permits

  • Permits are issued to one vehicle registration and allow the holder to park at any time in any of the car parks listed for that permit below.
  • Permits are only valid in the town/village selected and the allocated car parks within that area. For example, a Totnes town centre permit is not valid in Kingsbridge.
  • Permits do not guarantee the right to a bay in any particular car park and does not allow parking in reserved bays.
  • Your vehicle must be taxed in order to validate your parking permit.
  • Permits are now virtual, except Business and Dartmouth Park & Ride permits.
  • Parking is permitted 24 hours a day for the duration of the permit, except during events. You will be notified about these in advance.

Apply for a Parking Permit

If you would like to apply for a permit, please use the button below:

Apply for a Permit

What Permits are available?

Details of all of our town centre, peripheral and rural permits can be found below:

Residents Permit

✔ Valid in all SHDC car parks (except Dartmouth P&R, The Ham and The Level Car Parks, Dittisham and South Embankment, Dartmouth)

✔ 12 months

✔ £57.00 per year

Dartmouth Town Centre

✔ Valid in Mayors Avenue Car Park (except reserved bays)

✔ 6 months = £304.00

✔ 12 months = £576.00

Kingsbridge Town Centre

✔ Valid in the Quay and Duncombe Park car parks

✔ 6 months = £304.00

✔ 12 months = £460.00

Kingsbridge Peripheral

✔ Valid in Cattlemarket and Lower Union Road Car Parks

✔ 6 months = £152.00

✔ 12 months = £230.00

Salcombe Town Centre

✔ Valid in Shadycombe Car Park (October to March) and Creek (April to September)

✔ 6 months = £323.00

✔ 12 months = £489.00

Totnes Town Centre

✔ Valid in The Nursery, Old Market, Heath Way and North Street Car Parks

✘ NOT valid in Heath's Nursery Car Park

✔ 6 months = £228.00

✔ 12 months = £345.00

Totnes Peripheral

✔ Valid in Longmarsh, Steamer Quay and Pavilions Car Parks

✘ NOT valid in Pavilions Short Stay area

✔ 6 months = £152.00

✔ 12 months = £230.00

Bigbury (Rural)

✔ Valid in Bigbury-on-Sea car park

✔ 6 months = £209.00

✔ 12 months = £316.00

Ivybridge (Rural)

✔ Valid in Leonards Road

✔ 6 months = £152.00

✔ 12 months - £230.00

Modbury (Rural)

✔ Valid in Poundwell Meadow

✔ 6 months = £190.00

✔ 12 months - £288.00

Slapton/Torcross (Rural)

✔ Valid in Slapton Memorial, Strete Gate, Torcross Tank Car Parks and Torcross Village lay-by

✔ 6 months = £209.00

✔ 12 months - £316.00

Dartmouth Park and Ride

✔ Valid in Dartmouth Park and Ride only

✔ 12 months - £192.00

✔ Includes bus travel (when the bus is running)

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