Use this form to notify the District Council of the Parish/Town precept requirements.

  1. Details:
    1. Precept Upon -local- Council

    2. Year Commencing 1st April 2020

    3. To SOUTH WEST DEVON COUNCIL being the Council of the District in which the above named parish is situated.

    4. YOU ARE HEREBY DIRECTED to pay to THE PARISH COUNCIL by payment to the PARISH Council's bank account

    5. the sum, to be calculated below, in respect of the Parish precept for the year commencing 1st April 2017. [Please ensure that this figure agrees with (B) below.]

    6. Authorised at a meeting of the Parish Council held on:

  2. Amounts:

    2. The amount required by this Parish for the financial year commencing 1st April 2017 is (will be calculated as you enter the sums below). (A)

    3. This is made up of a precept requirement of: (£) (B)

    4. and a Council Tax Support Grant for 2016/2017 of: (£) (C)

    5. NOTE: (A) should equal (B) + (C)

  3. Confirmation:
    1. Please enter the PIN number you were given. This is to prove that this precept submission came from you.
    2. Please enter your email address. A copy of this Precept submission will be sent to this address.